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Dear Readers,

With this book I want to get my experiences, adventures and thoughts of the exiting times in east Europe from 1990 to 2000 especially in Czechoslovakia across you. You come to know the economical and political circumstances in a country that is undergoing an upheaval from communism to democracy.

So I took to a journey through the time and went to the past. Almost destitute and without any contacts I established my living by means of a few partners and networks.

Furthermore, my interest is to make it accessible to people here, particularly to economic decision-makers that is firm owners and managers, what kind of economical possibilities still lie wasted and I want them to realize and develop those further.
I want to reassure everyone to go to this country and seize the opportunities, even without secure existence. In this book you’ll find worth knowing about mentality of the people and of the country. A country and its capital Prague with a thousand faces, a place with a lot of culture and history.

The reunification of the GDR and the Federal Republic of Germany was – to my mind – to much dominated by west Germany, autocratically and determinatively controlled. I missed the redevelopment put up with GDR-population. So I felt an urge to go to Prague. In fact there was no reunification but the opening to the West changed the country. This change was not determined by the West but developed by the population with the support of the West.

In my book I want to clarify that it is important to go up to people, to understand their past and history – that is finally also our history.

Wolfgang Reeb
Autumn 2009