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At this point, I want to thank for the good cooperation and the good contact to Mr Dr. Schneeberger, Dr. Hättich and Mrs Böggemann M.A., who gave me the best possible advices on the way of completion of the book.

New publication

„Turning Period“- reckons the wild nineties after the fall of the Soviet Block. The author Wolfgang Reeb (year 1954) witnessed the economical, social and political upheaval of Czech Republic and of the After-GDR locally.
The young entrepreneur from the West has been looking for his chances with few money, a lot of hope, visionary thoughts, but also wrong beliefs and an ample portion of nativity.
“Like others he also saw how the state socialism changed to a more or less tough capitalistic system. But only few insiders have written about it so personally.

Wolfgang Reeb’s “Turning Period“ is a biographically true report – even if it can partly be read like a thriller...

ISBN 978-3-89688-406-0 | 100 pages | 2010 |
price: 14,80 €

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The publisher from Münster, which was founded in 1992, is in a middle position,.
The publisher produced even more than 700 books including standard works, but also beautiful awarded illustrated books.

In this publisher you will find names like cemetery researcher laureate of the Alternative Nobel prize Johan Galtung, the Dutch Ex-Interior Minister Ed van Thijn, the philosopher Franz Rosenzweig, the Swedish-German Author Karl E. Birnbaum, the Japanese constitution’s critic Narihiko Ito, Philippe Sollers – a king of the French intellectuals or the Leibniz- award inner and researcher of the Vatican Hubert Wolf.
Johannes Rau, Kofi Annan or Richard von Weizsäcker have written articels for this publisher.