Book Launch
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Book Launch

There are few contemporary witnesses.....

….who saw the development of Czech Republic locally from 1989 to 2000 and want to make their special experiences public and pointing out the economical as well as the political intrigues of the country. This true story would be interesting for your readers. It is a mixture of a thriller and a guidebook through the past.

The aim of this documentary biography is to show how someone with visionary thoughts in the former GDR and Czechoslovakia, in the upheaval of time from communism to democracy, has shaped the economical upheaval with poorest means, idealism and nativity.

It was a ten-year journey through the Czechoslovak intrigues, corruption as well as economical and social anarchy. After all those fights and turmoil, there grew a love to the country and to the population over the many years.

The author sees capabilities in these countries and thereby economical potential for other countries. He is particularly interested that people here and in particular decision-makers recognize and develop the economical possibilities that still lie fallow.

With this true story, the reader gets a chance to understand the former circumstances much better as well as the possibility of getting the knowledge, if he is going into this country as a tourist or if he wants to build up a professional future there.