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Heidi Müller

Heidi Müller

The force of the vision
Author: Heidi Müller

I’m impressed by people with visions. Where would humanity be without unlimited energy and imagination? Wolfgang Reeb is part of the kind of Ur- homo sapiens, whose intelligence threat to become extinct, who still risk, still dare, still change, still recognize, still want to experience. After the fall down of the Soviet bloc, when everyone followed the call Go West!, the young entrepreneur stroked out upstream and landed in Prague. He brought along: hope, idealism, and nativity. He was right in the middle of the upheaval from state socialism to tough capitalism, founded the first exhibition for consumer goods in Czech Republic and organised the opera ball of Prague. ”That were the times of political, economical and social anarchy”. His biographical report that is as exciting as a thriller will appear at the book fair in Leipzig. Unadorned honestly, a book that arouses. When did we swim against the tide the last time?

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